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Eugene, Oregon

Tel: 541-833-0792 E-MAIL:


Q. Will I meet my pet sitter or walker?

A. We require a one on one meeting with the owner and the pet. This will allow us as well as you, to fully    understand our services and you and your pets needs.


Q. When will my dog be walked?

A. We start our services at 7:30 AM and stop services around 6PM. Due to the short days during the winter season our hours are from Sunrise to Sunset. We do not walk your dog in the dark.


Q. Are your insured and bonded?

A. Yes we are insured and bonded through Pet Sitters International. Paws 'n Go is also

licensed in Oregon.


Q. What is your key policy?

A. We would like to have one key for our services. This key is tagged with the

pets name and is kept in our home Sentry Safe. If you want us to pick up a key

before every visit, there is a $5 per visit key charge.


Q. What is your payment policy?

A. We accept Credit Cards, Checks and Cash.  We invoice weekly or at the end

of a service period.


Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. We ask that you notify us as soon as possible! We require at least a

2 day notice of cancellations. If cancellations are less than 48 hours,

you will be charged 50% of the total reservation.


Q. Do you walk dogs in packs?

A. NO! We only walk the dog(s) in your household. We firmly believe in one-on-one friendship with your pet.


Q. Where do you walk our dogs?

A. We only walk your dogs in your neighborhood.


Q. Can you combine vacation service with home pet visits

A. Yes we can. All services can be combined in 30 min. increments!